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wanted to ask, perhaps, the poor.

But nevertheless fell into a ditch,

as Zhelezniak (heard, perhaps?) -

known guerrilla sailor ….


I trudged up to the loft.

Events on this day many

had a worrying survive.

Bair mentally congratulating,

I thought that still has the right to

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“Goat” – Arkady smiled and

thought so. Suddenly, breaking open,

in ungreased door hinges

admitted into the carotid abode

live solar filament

and with them – Strung Daughter

masters of our marvelous villa.

Stumbling, perhaps, of Forks

or rake (hell will understand!)

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appeared vague silhouette.

And slipping in an instant

from the porch, he in our direction

rushed. It was a decrepit old grandfather

In some whitened pants ..

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I was ashamed of its own figures, wearing his freedom odezhku not select the shape on the beach bathed in wide pants

My lashes were the envy of the girls, do not just ask me what to do, what would the cilia were lovely and longish

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