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The next time Alex as promised, brought along a friend.

- Meet, Vladislav it. You can just – Vlad or Vlad.

They met and went into the hall.

- I’ll make you some tea. Or maybe coffee?

The boys looked at each other.

- Is there something stronger?

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… They sat on an old couch. Front of the sofa with a table, on the table were several bottles of wine and all zakus. One bottle was opened.

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I was like a lamb to the slaughter … Entered the coupe … — “Well Dasha like it? I would like and wish to try your mouth … you’re a great girl … and nothing butt …

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After working for three months, I realized that all the girls in the class explicit whore, and probably slept not only with their classmates.

Two boys, Sasha and Oleg differed good sports figure, and to be honest I really wanted to have sex with them.

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